The Power Within Us

Sleep is so important to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing that we often forget how something so powerfully healing is also 100% free. Many of our health problems can be overcome with a consistent, undisturbed sleep schedule. To us there are Three Pillars of Health which are key to living our best possible lives: sleep, exercise and a healthy diet.

It has been very encouraging to see the shift towards healthy diet and exercise in recent years however the awareness of the importance of sleep and actually pushing for better sleep is still lagging. We want to change this and start a sleep movement. We believe we each have enormous potential within us that is more often than not never realised, or at least only partially realised. Imagine if we all reached the limit of our potential how much happier we would be, how present and healthy our minds would be, how much closer our relationships would be, how much more drive and energy we would have and how much more advanced society would become.

If we can bring sleep to the forefront of everyone’s minds, then the Three Pillars of Health would be activated together and the true power within us unleashed.