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About Us

Z Lab is a next-generation sleep company created to help humanity unlock its full potential through optimised sleep. 

Our vision is to create an ecosystem of powerful natural sleep aids which are backed by rigorous scientific research and manufactured sustainably. By expanding human potential while minimising ecological impact, Z Lab will become a vehicle for positive change.

Z Lab was founded by two friends who discovered they both had issues with sleep and insomnia, however the options available to help improve their sleep in a natural, non-tech way were very limited. Apart from the e-commerce mattress boom in recent years, sleep as a product sector was still extremely underdeveloped despite an increase in sleep issues globally. 

The decision then was to create a sleep brand that was based on two principles: sleep science + sustainability

Sleep Science - there is a lot we still don’t understand about sleep however our product design and development is based upon the considerable findings in academic sleep science research. This way we can ensure our products are truly effective in helping our customers sleep amazingly every night and when they travel.

Sustainability - sleep and sustainability are inextricably linked. Both are based on a foundation of powerful natural phenomena that define ourselves and the world we live in. Both are rooted in the deep human connection with nature and all its incredible healing benefits. We recognise the importance of sustainability when building a company that has potential to physically impact the environment. 

We also believe sleep, a healthy diet and exercise are the Three Pillars of Health and ensuring we get enough of each means we will live an incredible and fulfilled life. However, even today sleep is rarely discussed and promoted. We want to bring sleep to the forefront of our culture by speaking to sleep scientists, customers, celebrities and thought-leaders and finding out their views on sleep and what their sleep habits and secrets are.

Our First Challenge

We wanted to completely reinvent the sleep mask. Why? Because it needed to be reinvented. We got tired of using floppy, ugly, old-fashioned and ineffective sleep masks. It was time to start a sleep revolution through thoughtful design and careful selection of materials.

We have carried out extensive research on the problems with wearing a sleep mask. Our meticulous design development process has ensured that we have addressed each and every one of these problems by finding an effective solution. 

Every detail has been thought through, tested and tested some more to ensure we can deliver real, life-changing value to our customers.

Night Visor® was born.

Please click here for more details on how Night Visor® can benefit you, its unique features and the sustainable materials and processes used in its construction.

We have some really exciting plans for the future and we can't wait to tell you about them soon.