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Better days start with better sleep.

The sustainable sleep mask you’ve been dreaming of.

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Sometimes being kept in the dark is a good thing.

Light stimulates hormones that wake you up; darkness stimulates hormones that make you sleep.

Our Night Visor® is a super-soft, plant-fibre sleep mask that keeps your sleeping environment completely dark so you can sleep better and live life how it's meant to be.


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One Tree Planted For Every Product Sold

Plant Fibres

Eco Dyes

Ethically made in Europe


Night Visor testers fell asleep faster.


Night Visor testers woke up fewer times during the night.


Night Visor testers were more productive the following day.

Horizontal Appreciation

Hear from some sleep superheroes.

"An awesome redesign of a biohacker's essential sleep aid - I love what Z Lab stand for."


“Definitely the best sleep mask I have ever tried and there have been many.”

Dr Tamsin Lewis, Medical Director of Wellgevity

“I LOVE IT! It’s the best mask I’ve ever used.”

Samantha Hadadi, Women’s Health Coach

“Genuinely the most comfortable mask I have ever tried and literally ZERO light seeps through.”


“This is a game-changer, you can basically open your eyes behind it. Slept right through Jules coming home at 2am and turning all the lights on.”


You will spend a third of your life sleeping, or trying to.

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