Making the Perfect Sleep Mask: From Sleepless Nights to Night Visor®

Making the Perfect Sleep Mask: From Sleepless Nights to Night Visor®

The creation of Night Visor® sleep mask wasn't just about designing a product; it was about redefining an essential element of sleep. Recognising that most sleep masks fell short of expectations, we embarked on a mission to create not just any mask, but the perfect mask. 

This journey, driven by drawn-out research and a commitment to sustainability, led us to Night Visor®—a mask that embodies comfort, functionality, and eco-friendliness.

The Existing Sleep Masks Weren’t Cutting It:

We began by understanding the pain points of regular sleep mask users. Through interviews, competitor analysis, and review assessments, we identified key issues: inadequate light blocking, overheating, eye soreness, slippage during sleep, lack of hypoallergenic materials, and overall discomfort. 

These insights formed the foundation of our design philosophy.

The Design Process: How Many Iterations Are Too Many?:

Working with the acclaimed London design agency Morrama, we aimed to address each identified issue. This collaboration was marked by an iterative process, involving multiple rounds of sampling and amendments. At times this was frustrating, it could take months for a new sample to arrive, only to find while one issue had been addressed something else now needed attention.

Material Choices: Skin-Friendly, Sustainable, Soft

A critical aspect of our design was the choice of materials. Given the prolonged skin contact with sleep masks (7/8 hours a day!), we steered clear of glues and synthetic fabrics. Instead, we chose a blend of lyocell and organic cotton. Lyocell, made from eucalyptus fibres was the perfect choice, it's uber-soft, hypoallergenic, keeps cool and processed with minimal environmental impact. We blended various combinations with organic cotton until we found the perfect balance.

Ethical Production: A Product with a Promise

Our dedication to sustainability extended to our choice of production facility. We consciously avoided unknown factories, opting for a visit to a factory in Portugal that aligned with our ethos. This decision while adding time and cost to our process, ensured ethical production practices and quality craftsmanship, reflecting our values at Z Lab.


The Outcome: Night Visor®—A New Benchmark in Sleep Masks:

The result of our two-year journey is Night Visor®, a sleep mask that stands as a testament to our dedication to quality, sustainability, and user experience. Its unique design supports natural melatonin production, aiding in deeper and more restorative sleep. 

Night Visor® is more than just a mask; it's a testament to Z Lab's commitment to elevating sleep quality while adhering to sustainable and ethical practice

By Rory Macpherson