Darkness Is Your Friend

Deep within our brains runs a 24 hour biological rhythm which determines when we want to be awake and when we want to be asleep. This is called our circadium rhythm. Since the beginning of time we have generally used the sun rising and the sun setting as the cue for our sleep/wake cycle. Therefore one of the main signals to our brains to wake up is daylight and for going to sleep is darkness. In order to tell ourselves to go to sleep, we release a hormone into our bloodstream from our pineal gland called melatonin. Melatonin is known as the ‘sleep hormone’ and tells our brain and body it is dark and it is now time to go to sleep. As we sleep, the concentration of melatonin in our bloodstream actually increases during the night, peaking at around 4am. When daylight comes and peaks through our eyelids this puts a stop to the production of melatonin and we begin to wake up.

In order to maximise the quality of your sleep, we believe a sleep mask is a simple and powerful tool to achieve high quality sleep. Our sleep mask blocks all light sources meaning that the melatonin production cycle continues perfectly during the night with no disturbances and no waking up too early. If sleeping during the daytime or travelling, by creating a completely dark environment, you can trick your brain and body into thinking it is night time and the melatonin will react to this and send you into a peaceful deep sleep. Falling asleep and staying asleep are important in minimising disruptions and our mask will protect you from all common light sources including sunlight, street lights, bedside lamps and airplane lighting. You can now take advantage of a true power nap whenever you want and wake up feeling amazing.