What Is The Best Material For Sleep Masks?

What Is The Best Material For Sleep Masks?

When we set out on this journey of making high-performance sleep aids we were determined to follow sustainable practices wherever possible, including our packaging. Which is why we've chose to use Lyocell as the main material in our sleep masks.

What is Lyocell?

Lyocell is a sustainable fabric made from wood pulp, which is a renewable resource. Not only is it sourced from organic and renewable sources but it is processed via a low energy, low water, closed-loop system that recycles over 99.5% of the chemicals and solvents used in production, with the remaining 0.5% discharged as non-hazardous effluent.

What are the benefits of Lyocell?

It's biodegradable and compostable, making it a much more eco-friendly option than traditional fabrics. It is largely produced in Europe where we base our manufacturing which limits shipping materials over large distances.

Another benefit is that it's extremely efficient to produce. The process used to make Lyocell is called closed-loop production, which means that the chemicals used to break down the wood pulp into fibre are recycled and reused, rather than being released into the environment.

In addition to its environmental benefits it’s also great for our skin. It's hypoallergenic and breathable, making it ideal for use in sleep masks. It's also incredibly soft and comfortable, which is important when you're trying to get a good night's sleep.

Why we chose Lyocell for our sleep masks

Overall, our choice to use Lyocell not only helps protect the environment, but it also provides numerous benefits for our customers. It's a win-win situation, and we're proud our Night Visor®️ sleep mask shows brands can make sustainable choices which also improve their products.

By Rory Macpherson